The Muscle and Fitness Rock Hard Challenge

If you ever read a Muscle and Fitness magazine before, maybe you will find an exercise program that is known as the rock hard challenge. The Muscle & Fitness is a bodybuilding and fitness magazine published by American Media, Inc. besides the Flex Magazine. The challenge itself is a kind of exercise program held by them every year.

The fitness program itself I think is good enough to be performed, especially supported by programs that proved successful sculpt the body, nutrition guides to help maximizing the workout results, lose weight and increase muscle mass.

The Pro’s of the Plan

In this plan, all the exercise programs must be done in approximately 3 months / 12 weeks. The idea is to target light exercise and weight training alternately for one week, with the exception of one day for recovery. However, the program is always evolving, so the type of exercises you will encounter will be slightly different from the previous years.

In this program, you will also get information about supplements and eating plans. Like the other fitness programs, the muscle and fitness rock hard challenge also sponsored by a supplement company, the Muscletech, Inc. Some of their products, such as: Phase8, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, Push10, and Anotest. All of them have been adjusted to your needs, whether for recovery, boost workout, lose fat or build muscle.

You do not have to worry about the exercises you should do. On the official website of the muscle and fitness, you can find thousands of articles and hundreds of videos about exercises. You can use them as guides in order to build your athletic body. Additionally, the Muscle and Fitness’s team also provides a chance for participants to win rewards more than $ 1,100 (prize of the year 2013). That sounds nice, does not it?

The Con’s of the Plan

The only problem in this program is the limited time required. I think 12 weeks sounds absurd to transform a fatty / skinny body shape to a muscular one. Unless you are a professional in terms of bodybuilding, so you understand what kind of foods you should consume daily, how many, how often and what kind of exercises that suits to your body. I know that in this program we will be taught how to do it properly, however we really need a proper amount of time for doing that and learn it.

My conclusion

The rock hard challenge is still worth to do, in order to obtain your ideal body shape. I know that this program is not easy for most people, especially those who are busy. However, I hope that you can think this as your first step towards a better living. If you are not successful this year, the next year is still there for you.