Suggested Muscle Training for Men

Sometimes, men who wanted bigger and better-looking muscles would readily jump in to any type of training regimen that they could find because the work out looks effective or because it is convenient for them. However, such kind of thinking could lead to more harm than good in the future.

First of all, free weights are very important in toning and shaping up your muscles. The main free weights that you should be using to build up your muscles are the barbells. Dumbbells should not be the sole focus of your work out. Instead, dumbbells should only be used for assistance trainings. Doing free weights is so much better than using machines because you control your movements and can adjust appropriately when needed. Plus, you can do more types of exercises with free weights compared to using exercise machines.

Next, it would be better to do compound exercises to build up your muscles faster. Initially, you would be doing a couple of routines to make a good foundation for your muscles. However, once this has been achieved doing other exercises that could hit more muscles should be included in your regimen. Doing endless bicep curls can only take you so far, so learn other exercises like chin-ups and pull-ups.

Next thing to include into your regimen is to gain additional weight. If you have enough meat to get started, then you can skip this. But if you are a skinny guy, then putting on some more weight before training hard for your muscles would be better. You can start by increasing your intake of calories each day. However, do not take this as an excuse to go back into calorie-rich, unhealthy foods. Go for the healthier choices like pastas, whole milk and nuts to increase your weight in no time.

Finally, you should include a resting period in your work out. Drink water in between your exercises to prevent dehydration and aid in muscle recovery. Always make sure that your are on a proper diet to ensure that your body gets all the nutrition it needs for your muscle building workout. You should also do some naps after workouts to allow your growth hormones to do their magic.

In muscle training, it is important that you get more in touch with your body. So, get to know what you can and cannot do during training, and focus on improving your strength and endurance to achieve the best muscles that you can get for yourself.