The Muscle and Fitness Rock Hard Challenge

If you ever read a Muscle and Fitness magazine before, maybe you will find an exercise program that is known as the rock hard challenge. The Muscle & Fitness is a bodybuilding and fitness magazine published by American Media, Inc. besides the Flex Magazine. The challenge itself is a kind of exercise program held by them every year.

The fitness program itself I think is good enough to be performed, especially supported by programs that proved successful sculpt the body, nutrition guides to help maximizing the workout results, lose weight and increase muscle mass.

The Pro’s of the Plan

In this plan, all the exercise programs must be done in approximately 3 months / 12 weeks. The idea is to target light exercise and weight training alternately for one week, with the exception of one day for recovery. However, the program is always evolving, so the type of exercises you will encounter will be slightly different from the previous years.

In this program, you will also get information about supplements and eating plans. Like the other fitness programs, the muscle and fitness rock hard challenge also sponsored by a supplement company, the Muscletech, Inc. Some of their products, such as: Phase8, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, Push10, and Anotest. All of them have been adjusted to your needs, whether for recovery, boost workout, lose fat or build muscle.

You do not have to worry about the exercises you should do. On the official website of the muscle and fitness, you can find thousands of articles and hundreds of videos about exercises. You can use them as guides in order to build your athletic body. Additionally, the Muscle and Fitness’s team also provides a chance for participants to win rewards more than $ 1,100 (prize of the year 2013). That sounds nice, does not it?

The Con’s of the Plan

The only problem in this program is the limited time required. I think 12 weeks sounds absurd to transform a fatty / skinny body shape to a muscular one. Unless you are a professional in terms of bodybuilding, so you understand what kind of foods you should consume daily, how many, how often and what kind of exercises that suits to your body. I know that in this program we will be taught how to do it properly, however we really need a proper amount of time for doing that and learn it.

My conclusion

The rock hard challenge is still worth to do, in order to obtain your ideal body shape. I know that this program is not easy for most people, especially those who are busy. However, I hope that you can think this as your first step towards a better living. If you are not successful this year, the next year is still there for you.

Build Lean Muscle – Get It Right, and Get the Results Fast

Building your muscle and fitness is not some dark art, something that you need to be highly qualified to understand. However, to get the results in the most efficient way, you really do need to get educated about what you are about to embark upon.

So how is this article different from the others? There are thousands, maybe millions of articles that tell you about building muscle and fitness, or how to build lean muscle – most of them say the same things, and are very generalised and don’t give enough information to be useful. This article will give you some details about the overall process, although there is not enough room to do the subject justice, you can visit David’s site for more complete information on the subject, and exercises to go with them.

First things first, there is no magic to building lean muscle and fitness, once you have the knowledge it really is all about consistency and maximum effort. If you have the knowledge, consistency, and put in the effort, you will get results.

Building lean muscle is all about building muscle whilst targeting your body fat levels to a percentage that will make your efforts noticeable. In most people this means that you need to lose body fat whilst you build muscle. To make this possible, you need your body to have access to the calories required to maintain your base metabolic rate plus 500 calories – if this is made up from the foods you consume and a small amount of body fat, this is the ideal. You also need some high quality fats and proteins, so natural foods like chicken, pork, beef and fish. It is important to realise that a lot of the effort is down to diet – you can’t party hard and still get results, unfortunately.

Build lean muscle and fitness is initially about creating a great platform to achieve results with – this means building your functional or useful strength and muscle mass to a point where you have the overall ability to increase muscular fiber and at the same time burn excess body fat through the increased metabolic rate that this creates. This initial stage will have look looking noticeably bigger, but you will still look rounded, and the body fat will have reduced but there will probably still be a lot left to go.

The next stage would be to start to target muscle fiber strength a little more whilst still building on the muscle mass and metabolic rate again, and increase intensity to really challenge your body. Given your new ability to be able to safely build lean muscle and fitness you will now be capable of lifting bigger weights safely, and will also have the cardiovascular capacity, and energy to complete them with a much higher intensity. This means that your workouts can remain short and to the point, be highly intense and burn a large number of calories at the same time and you build lean muscle. To burn calories it is not necessary to do extra cardio workouts, you would only do this for cardiovascular fitness reasons.

The next stage would be to start to target belly fat burning in particular, by building the core muscles, whilst still building upon the metabolism created in the previous two stages. The way to target belly fat is to start to build muscle near the site where the fat currently exists, this works because of the increase metabolism created by the previous stages, and the muscle that has already been built. You cannot do this stage alone, it would not work at all, as there is not enough demand for calories on its own. During this stage, you can also change up the routine a little to shock the muscles through different, more challenging exercises, and in so doing, prevent the muscle growth from getting into a plateau.

The final part of your exercise routines is going to be to get rid of that final bit of body fat, to really give your muscles a deeply defined look. This is going to still build on the other two stages, but may also include things like high intensity interval training, or HIIT. This is going to be incredibly difficult to do, but with all the other stages completed your and lean muscle, you should be in a position to take on the challenge, and win. This will really strip off the final bit of body fat, whilst really boosting your muscle and fitness to new levels.

Muscle and Fitness

Before delving into Muscle And Fitness – The Second Key, the final and most important key to success in your muscle and fitness routine, I’d like to remind you about what the previous article discussed.

In a previous article, you were given a number of steps to follow. In summary, Muscle And Fitness – The Second Key is the ‘DO’ key. This is where you structure your actions to take you to your goals. You must decide which action (Exercise) is the most effective tool to help you achieve that particular goal.

Which brings me to the third and final key:

The ‘BE’ Key

This is what you must BECOME in order to ensure that you take the necessary action to DO whatever it takes to get what you want to HAVE.

You should already know what your goals are – The ‘Have’ key.

You should already know what you have to DO to achieve those goals – The ‘Do’ key.

In order to make sure that you carry out the DO key (your chosen exercises), you must BE the type of person that consistently and persistently follows the routine. You must do this without fail, so that you can have the ideal muscle mass, weight loss, fitness goal or whatever your goal is.

How do you become someone that you are not?

By not giving in!

Lets say that you have a chosen goal. Lets assume that goal is to lose 28lbs by the end of three months. What do you have to be in order to make sure that you achieve that goal of 28lbs of weight loss?

You have your goal. You have your exercise routine sorted out that is the most effective way, for you, of achieving that goal. Now it’s time to guarantee that you don’t stop after a week or so.

Your goals should be on your index card, as described in a the First Key.

As you are about to perform your training routine, go through this little scenario…

1. Read your goals aloud.

2. As you do, visualize that goal having already been achieved.

3. Feel that goal, as if you have already achieved it.

4. Then ask yourself:

* How good do I look? – I look GOOD!

* How great do I feel? – I feel GREAT!

Now say to yourself…

I feel Great – I look Great – I am successful!

I feel Great – I look Great – I am successful!

I feel Great – I look Great – I am successful!

Ok… Lets Do It.

Do this daily…

* In the morning, upon rising.

* Just before you begin your workout.

* Just before going to sleep.

When you repeat this each time, feel it with conviction and say it with conviction. Feel your blood boil with excitement. Feel your heart beat hard. Get right into it. Stir up that passion and throw yourself right slam into the middle of it.

Don’t give in. Persist and be consistent with your efforts… no matter whether you feel like it or not.

I have often found that the thoughts of having to do something are horrible at times. But, once I throw myself into it I feel absolutely fantastic and so happy that I didn’t give in.

Have you ever found that?

If you have, remember that feeling. Feel it every time you are about to begin your training. Stir it up. Love that feeling and then get stuck in. Become what you need to become so that you can DO whatever it takes to achieve the goals that you said you want to HAVE.

That is the final key to successfully achieving your Muscle and Fitness goals.

Muscle and Fitness

There are so many theories surrounding muscle and fitness that often times it is difficult to separate fact from fiction. Before you fall victim to some of the misconceptions read on…

Target weight loss- Can it be?

If you have a few pesky pounds that you would like to lose on your stomach or if you have love handles, trying to target those areas during workouts will not automatically drop fat from those areas of the body. The body decides where it will drop the fat from. Unfortunately the individual does not. This is something no one has any control over. So aim for losing weight- period.

The more exercise the better. Right?

Wrong. If you have been inactive for a considerable period of time and you suddenly start engaging in a number of forms of exercise, such as running, swimming, doing aerobics, cycling, etc. you could cause harm to your body. You must start slow and work up to more vigorous activity. Prepare your body for what is to come by being kind to it. In particular, doing too much can be detrimental to the joints. The extra weight you are carrying can add to the problem.

Isn’t aerobic exercise all you need to lose weight?

While aerobic exercise is a big part of getting in shape, resistance training, such as working with weights, gym machines and resistance bands increases your muscles mass. This in turn strengthens your bones. Which will help you to drop the weight sooner and look more toned faster than if you simply did aerobic exercise. Muscle burns more calories than fat which means that in effect you burn calories more rapidly when you do resistance training.

How fast can I loose weight?

Do not let anyone tell you that you can lose a lot of weight, such as 20 or 30 pounds in a short period of time. Even if it were possible, which it’s not in most instances, it would be an extremely unhealthy thing to do. A diet that is so restrictive that it causes the body to drop pounds very quickly is not good for you in any way. Avoid these kinds of destructive diets! Instead aim for a slow to gradual weight loss of one to two pounds per week. This is safe and healthy. Patience plays a role in weight loss after all.

Once I reach my goal weight, I can go back to eating like I did before.

Unfortunately this is not the case. The goal here is not to lose weight but to make healthy dietary changes that will allow you to lose the weight and keep it off. The smaller your body, the fewer calories you need to take in to satisfy it. Once you institute healthy changes to your diet, you need to put them into play- for good!