The Way Forward With Weight Training

It is important to build weight training fitness when body building. It is not easy to build muscle. It takes discipline and plenty of hard work to create the perfect body. People have been trying for years to create the perfect body. The way forward with weight training fitness is by being disciplined and dedicated.

If it was easy to build muscle then there would be a lot more people who had bodies made up of mass muscle. If a person isn’t willing to dedicate the time or effort into a regular training schedule they are wasting their time. However if you can understand the amount of effort that is needed then read on.

To train your body it takes 3 steps. Step 1 and the most essential part is weightlifting, but this has to be done correctly. Many people learn how to weight-lift incorrectly and injure themselves. An injury can set a person back a long time so weightlifting must be done accurately.

The workout must allow the body to get the best possible workout. There are many exercises and machines for different body parts. Compound movements are the best exercises since these use more than one body part. The next step in weight training is the diet. Following a careful diet is just as essential as weightlifting because if you are not eating correctly then you won’t grow.

A person needs to follow a diet that provides them with a lot of protein. 1 gram of protein should be eaten per pound of body weight each day. Protein provides the building block of muscle. Many people use protein supplements because they cannot consume enough protein in their diet. Trying to avoid saturated fat is also important. Getting big is important, but not getting fat.

The Second Key to Successfully Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Lets discuss Muscle and Fitness — The Second Key To Successfully Achieving Your Fitness Goals. But just before that, I’d like to remind you about what the previous article discussed.

In a previous article called: “Muscle and Fitness — The First Key To Achieving Your Goals”, you were given ten steps to follow. In summary, that article discussed the first key — the ‘HAVE’ key. This is where you identify your muscle and fitness goals. There are still the ‘BE’ and ‘DO’ keys to go.

Which brings me to the second key:

The ‘DO’ Key

This is the action key. The one that gets you to do what is necessary to make things happen.

So what you need to do is first identify what your goals are. Decide exactly what you want to achieve and then choose the necessary actionable steps to achieve those goals.

In the first key, the HAVE key, you went through a process that helped (or will help) you in deciding what you want. Maybe it was to lose weight or gain mass muscle, or whatever.

The point is that you know what you want to get out of your training routine before commencing the routine that suits your goals.

Assuming you have gone through the HAVE key, it’s time to go through the DO key and structure your bodybuilding workout routine, or fitness routine, around your goals.

So lets do that, shall we?

1. Review the work you did in the HAVE key. In other words, look at the index card (postcard) you created that identified your exact goals.

2. Read them. As you do so, feel them. Imagine performing a specific exercise that would be most beneficial for that particular goal. See it happen, as if it is actually happening. What exercise would be the most effective one in helping you achieve that specific goal?

Once you have decided which exercise to use, write it down.

3. Now move onto the next goal on that card. Go through the motions that you just did in number two above. Feel it. See it. How good do you feel?

Now, which exercise will be most effective for that specific goal? Write it down just below the first one.

4. Now move onto the next goal on your card and repeat steps two and three above. Do this until you’ve decided on your specific routine.

Again, write the exercises down.

5. How many repetitions do you need to do? How many sets should you perform?

This depends on your goals. If it’s to lose weight, then keep the weights light, but heavy enough to provide adequate resistance. If you choose to build muscle, then decide how much muscle you want to build. Then you would choose heavier weights and fewer reps.

If you’re not sure how much weight to use, reps to do or sets to perform… then seek the advice of a professional.

6. Time to choose how often you need to train. If you building bigger muscle, you may need to break your training regime into two to three parts. In other words…

You may decide to work the chest, back and legs on day 1. Then shoulders, biceps and triceps on day 2. Then rest on day 3.

Or are you looking to lose weight?

Then you may choose to perform a total body workout on day 1 and rest on day 2. You may wish to add in some aerobical workout routine as this will help burn off the excessive calories much more quickly.

Just make sure that it’s appropriate for your goal.

7. What about your diet?

Decide what foods are right for you and your goals. Are you looking to lose weight?

Then eat less, but consume more healthy food with low fat and calories. Decide how often to eat.

Looking to gain weight?

Then eat more. Also choose better foods that can help with weight gain, while they are healthy at the same time. Look for decent whole foods. Decide if supplements are necessary.

8. Make sure that you’ve written everything down. Review it and see if you’ve left anything out.

Now you have the DO key done. You are at the point where you have structured your training program to help you get your goals. In other words…

Fitness Training Tips

Strength training should be a part of everyone’s fitness routine. Not everyone desires to spend hours in the gym gaining massive muscle growth. However, for most of us, a basic muscle and fitness plan can help us shed unwanted pounds and gain energy and stamina improving our quality of life.

Bodybuilder or homemaker, everyone wanting to start a new fitness plan or program needs to understand a few basics.

1. Strength Training

There is no need to ‘pump iron’ with endless repetitions. For those not used to any type of strength training, simple body exercises using their own body weight and a set of resistant bands may be enough. When using hand weights or weight machines, you want a weight that is heavy enough to challenge you to complete an exercise in good form 12-15 times. High repetitions may burn fat a bit faster initially but it also increases your chance of not maintaining proper form for safety and maximum benefit.

2. Burn Fat to lose weight, do not lose muscle!

Cardiovascular exercise does burn fat. It might come as a surprise you that you do have to spend hours running for miles at a time. Research shows intervals of fast then easy running burns up to eight times more calories and leaves your metabolism higher longer after a workout. You can set intervals up on a treadmill or pace yourself around the neighborhood by alternating running and walking at various intervals. Not only will you burn more calories but your endurance will improve quicker as well.

A higher metabolism rate means calories continue to burn even after you finish the workout.

3. Eat Clean!

Do not make the mistake of rewarding yourself for a workout by stopping at the fast-food drive in!
Junk food provides little nutritional value for fueling a workout. No muscle and fitness training can bring results unless combined with a healthy diet built around lean proteins, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and good polyunsaturated fats.

Optimal fitness happens when you find that balance between a muscle and fitness training plan that works for you and support your plan with a healthy diet of nutritious foods.

Consult your doctor before beginning a new routine. Ask him to recommend a team of experts to help you set up a diet plan as well as a sensible muscle training routine that is right for you.

Muscle and Fitness

Lets discuss what I term as Muscle and Fitness — The First Key.

In a previous article, I went through the ‘Three Keys To Success’ in any muscle and fitness regime that you use.

Remember — ‘BE – DO – HAVE’?

Here’s just a very quick overview of what it was about:

1. Decide what you want to HAVE. What are your goals?

2. Decide what the necessary steps are, that you must DO to reach those goals.

3. Choose what you need to BE. What do you need to become in order to DO what is necessary to HAVE what you want?

If you are at all confused about this article, please re-read it, and again if necessary. You’ve really got to get this right so that you can succeed in anything you choose to do, including achieving any sort of success with your fitness goals.

Assuming you understand the concept I’ve just discussed, here are the ten most important steps of the ‘HAVE’ key:

1. Get out a note pad and pen. Lets name the very top of the page Muscle and Fitness Goals.

2. Write the day and date just below the title.

3. Decide what your ultimate fitness goal is. When all is said and done, what is it that you really want to have out of your Muscle and Fitness regime? What is that end result that you’re trying so hard to get? Write it down.

4. It’s not enough to want just one thing, because you won’t feel justified in doing something well if that’s all there is to it. So lets justify it.

Are there other benefits that you want your training program to achieve? This is the time to think. Just think about what you want.

For example, it could be to become more aerobically fit and lose weight, while increasing your lean muscle, increasing your confidence and building up your joints. Think of the benefits that you’d like to have as a result of your training routine, as well as the ultimate goal in ‘3’ above. Write them down.

5. Take your time. Don’t rush it. Just review what you’ve written so far. Is everything you want to ‘HAVE’ written in your note pad?

If so, great. If not, then continue to write your goals. Do this until you just can’t think anymore, or until your head hurts.

6. Now just leave everything alone and go about your daily routine. Forget about what you’ve just written for a few days. Just give yourself a break. You can come back later on to your muscle and fitness Have key.

7. After a few days, I want you to look through what you’ve written. Some of you will only have a few lines done, while others may have written an essay. Either way is good. Just read it again.

8. Is there anything you’d like to add? If so, write it down. Any ideas that spring to mind, write those down too. If you’re satisfied with the end result – great.

9. Now it’s time to re-write those goals. So move to a new page on your note pad and give it the same name again — Muscle and Fitness Goals Refined. Then write the date just below that.

You need to shorten your goals so that they’re specific and achievable by a certain time. At the same time they must have the essence of what you want to have achieved by the end of your training program. For example:

If one of your goals is to have lost weight. Then word it so that it’s specific, time limited and has the essence of what you want to achieve. So you would write it like this:

“I am achieving a weight loss of 16lbs by March 5th, 2005.”

Or —

“I am increasing my arm size to 16 inches by April 21, 2005.”

Get what I mean?

10. Now that you have written your goals, again, I want you to get a card. Lets say ‘Postcard’ size. Again write the title: My Muscle and Fitness Goals and the date of starting your program.

Now write those specific goals onto your card. These are now ready to be a part of your training routine. Every time you’re about to commence your training, just read those goals aloud.

As you do, see yourself perform those exercises. Feel your muscle work, your heart pump and how great it is to be achieving your goals.

I have got you to write your goals three times. Did you notice that?


Because I want you to —

* Establish those goals in you heart and in your mind.

* To be passionate about those goals that mean so much to you.

* To feel the benefits, as if you already have achieved your goals

* To see the benefits, as if you already have achieved them.

To conclude, follow these ten steps. Be patient. Be focused. And believe that this will help, even if you are doubtful. Where most people fail, is the point where they think negatively. As soon as you begin this negative thought process, you have damaged your chance of success on that occasion. If this happens, correct it immediately and continue.

Muscle and Fitness is the ‘HAVE’ key. There are still the ‘BE’ and ‘DO’ keys to go. But, that’s for my next article. Make sure you read all related articles and you’ll be well on your way to success in your Muscle and Fitness program.